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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades in Southern CaliforniaWoven wood shades are a popular choice for Orange County homes these days. They offer a look that is unique and stylish while still feeling semi-casual. It is an earthy but elegant style. You may also know them by the names bamboo shades or matchstick blinds.

Either way the look is a stunning one that looks great from inside or outside the home. These blinds are known for their gorgeous natural look. It can help but add appeal to any room and almost any type of interior design style. But the best part is that they also can add value to your property.

Not to mention they also perform important functions. For one thing woven wood shades give you and your family an important level of privacy. Plus they help to cut down on the amount of rays that come into your house when you don’t want natural sunlight. UV rays can cause damage to furniture and flooring and window coverings can help prevent or reduce the problem.

Why Woven Wood Shades?

There are different options available for your window coverings including options for woven wood shades. Some allow light to still filter into the room while others can act as almost a type of blackout blind. When you meet with one of our professional consultants we can review with you the options available to you.

Based on your style and budget we can even help you make important decisions about the Orange County window treatments you choose. These shades are handcrafted from grasses, natural woods and even reeds. This means they are made from 100% organic materials which makes them fully recyclable. So you can feel confident your choice looks great, performs the job you want and is even environmentally friendly.

Woven Wood Shade Design & Installation

For your woven wood shade design and installation, you may choose to have a liner as well. There are actually quite a few decisions that can be made when it comes to this feature in your Orange County home. This is why it is important that you work with only the best of the best when it comes to getting the job done.

We are proud here at Shutter Nation to have earned the reputation for being the best in our field. Some of that stems from the fact that we do not focus on anything other than this niche market of window coverings. But we can’t help you with your new woven wood shades until you give us a call. Contact us today so we can get started right away and give you the look you never thought possible.

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If you are looking for elegant woven wood shades in Orange County, then please call 949-478-2195 or complete our online request form.

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