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What You Need To Know Shutter Safety

There are many reasons why shutters are the safest window treatment on the market today. Many consumers who shop for window treatments are concerned with safety factors for their children and pets. Manufacturers understand the need for us to have safer environments in family homes and have manufactured safety features that are built into today’s…

Anaheim Shutters 101

In this short article I will compare the different types of Anaheim shutters. As a shutter expert, I have over 20 years’ experience. I know your time is valuable, so I’ll make this quick and straight to the point. Just so you know who I am; I measure, ordered and install shutters for a living….

Anaheim PolyCore Plantation Shutters

PolyCore is the world’s only solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core. Anaheim PolyCore shutters have a baked on waterborne paint, and are both fire retardant and moisture resistant. In addition to providing a strong insulation quality against the heat and cold, they are not very easy to clean and maintain. PolyCore made-to-order plantation…

Use Shutters to Highlight Your Fullerton Home’s Appeal

Shutters are a fantastic option whether you’re looking to dress up your home or add some effortless sophistication to your business. Shutters are simply the best possible choice because you have so many options. You can customize aluminum, wooden, vinyl, and so many more materials to match your home or office’s decor with contemporary styles…

Newport Beach Professional Window Covering Installation – What You Need To Know!

More and more homeowners are turning to professionals for help in selecting and installing their window coverings. Consumers choose Newport Beach professional installation companies because they ensure high quality products, top notch fit and finish, and usually a guarantee. There are three distinct styles of window coverings a professional might suggest; blinds, plantation shutters (shutters)…

Plantation Shutters – Choosing Between Traditional Wood and Hi-Tech Polycore Shutters

There are several factors that determine the functionality and the aesthetic quality of interior shutters for your Orange County windows which will make them stand out as an attractive feature of your room. These Orange County window shutters will have three modes of operation: shutter slats fully open to allow in maximum light; slats fully…

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