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Real Wood Blinds: How To Keep Them Pristine With Proper Care and Cleaning

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Anyone that is in the process of redecorating and wants to create a stylish and refined living space will typically consider the addition of real wood blinds for their windows.

Real Orange County wooden blinds create a unique style and exhibit a refined personality to a home, which is why people across the globe chose them as a window dressing over other conventional styles of blinds on the market. Faux wooden blinds are a cheaper alternative to real wood blinds; however, the authentic wooden blinds will always stand up to more abuse and can even last a lifetime, especially if they are cared for with appropriate maintenance.

Replacement will not be a consideration in the near future for anyone that selects real wood blinds, as long as they are given the proper care and maintenance. In order to sustain the beautiful texture on wooden blinds, proper cleaning is essential to their lasting beauty.

Maintaining real wooden blinds is incredibly easy and is one of the many reasons that so many people chose to use them in their homes. The beauty and quality of real wood blinds can be sustained for a lifetime, as long as they are gently cleaned on a routine basis. Keeping wooden venetian blinds in pristine shape is easy, especially with a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

When selecting the location to place real wood blinds, make sure that you consider the type of material and how it will relate to the area of the home where they are to be installed. Windows, naturally, are the location to install wood blinds; however, the location of the window could play a factor into whether this type of blind is appropriate for that area or not.

Kitchen and bathroom windows, for instance, are not the best location to install real wood blinds. The conditions that exist in kitchens and bathrooms will have a significant impact on the life of wood venetian blinds. The high humidity frequently found in kitchens and baths does not pair well with the natural wood that composes the blinds. Wood and humidity is never a good combination, regardless of the application. It is a smart idea to avoid these rooms when installing real wooden blinds.

When cleaning real wood blinds it is not a good idea to use soap and water. Wooden blinds have a unique sealant that is applied to the wood and that is why so many people think soap and water is a good cleaning solution. However, because this protective film is not very thick, it is prone to tear; when it tears, cleaning water will become immersed in the blinds and cause them to lose their shape. As a result, your home will no longer be able to display the beautiful wooden venetian blinds as it originally did when they were first installed.

Real wood blinds can be easily cleaned with the gentle pass of a vacuum cleaner attachment. High powered machines, however, should be avoided when cleaning your wooden venetian blinds. The dirt residing on the blind slats and any dust that is sitting on the face of the blinds can easily be removed with a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

The blinds can be further cleaned with a barely damp cloth and a gentle swipe across the face of the blinds.

As long as you are armed with the proper knowledge, maintaining real wood blinds in pristine conditions is an effortless task. Your real wood blinds will last as long as you like, when you use these tips as a guide.


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