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Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Custom Plantation Shutters in Orange County, CAThere are many choices for residential window treatments in Orange County including the fashionable plantation shutters. Aside from just the look there are plenty of reasons this is a popular choice. For one thing, plantation style shutters are less expensive than custom drapery. Plus this option is quite versatile.

Once professionally installed this is also an addition that adds value to your home. The maintenance and upkeep is minimal. Even keeping this feature of your home clean is a minimal task. Some homeowners choose these shutters for every room in their home while others may only use this style in certain rooms like the kitchen.

The plantation option comes in a variety of styles and louver sizes. The size of the louver is often chosen based on the size of the room based on the ceiling height. But you may simply have a personal preference when it comes to the look you want for your shutters or blinds. When you work with the pros at Shutter Nation we can help you to create the overall look you thought you could only dream of.  

Orange County Wood Shutters

One of the reasons the choices you make for you plantation shutters in Orange County is visibility. Your window treatments are one of the few features of your home that is visible from both inside and outside the home. So the decisions you make will also add curb appeal as well as create the interior design style you desire.

This is why it is so important to make sure you work only with highly trained and experienced professional consultants for your blinds and shutters. At Shutter Nation our only focus is this area of expertise. So while other companies are spread thin worrying about too many other window treatment styles our consultants are focused. And we certainly don’t include it as part of a interior design detail; this is our sole area of proficiency.

Plantation Shutter Design & Installation

Your plantation shutter design and installation also plays a huge part on light control for inside the home. When you work with our professional experts we take that into consideration. We help you make choices that will allow for the right amount of light control you want or need for your house.

Protecting the inside of your home from UV rays is an important thing to think about. The sun’s harmful rays can discolor and damage flooring and furniture. At Shutter Nation we want to help you get exactly what it is you want from whatever window treatment option you choose. Contact us today so we can get started on your Orange County plantation shutters.

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