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At Shutter Nation, we are around for the long haul. Long-term relationships start with trust and communication. Since Shutter Nation relies on referrals, we strive to maintain our reputation of quality craftsmanship and superior service. Your home is more than just a building, its the place where you'll create your family memories, and we respect it as such. Give us a call today to discuss your shutter project needs.

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Orange County Real Wood Shutters

As you may know, Basswood is the best material for making wood shutters.

  • Basswood maintains its shape and does not warp
  • The grain of Basswood is uniform, allowing for a beautiful stand and finish.
  • Basswood is strong and sturdy but also lightweight.
  • Because Basswood responds exceedingly well to adhesives and stain, the end result is a superior shutter that will last a lifetime.
  • Basswood (actually the American Linden Tree) grows faster than the trees are harvested.

Orange County Faux Wood Shutters

Of the number of advantages faux wood shutters offer, cost is the primary benefit – the price tag is generally 25% less than real wood shutters. For most people, Faux wood plantation shutters look identical to real wood. When price and budget is the determining factor, however, faux wood is a sensible alternative.  In addition, faux wood plantation shutters require less maintenance than wood. Also, many plastic and vinyl materials can last many years without showing wear. 

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